Download the full programme (pdf) here. Registration opens at 8:30. The Symposium will run from 9:15 to 17:30, after which there will be a gathering at Schöne Perle. Below is a list of work to be presented.

Invited Speakers

  • Jörn Ostermann (Leibniz Universität Hannover, Laboratory for Information Technology)
    Keynote: Facial Animation for Interactive Services
  • Mark Pauly (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland)
    Keynote: Performance-Driven Facial Animation
  • Thabo Beeler (Disney Research Zurich)
    Keynote: Passive Spatio-Temporal 3D Geometry Reconstruction of Human Faces at Very High Fidelity

Oral Presenters

  • High-performance face tracking
    Nenad Markuš, Miroslav Frljak, Igor Pandžić (FER), Jörgen Ahlberg, Robert Forchheimer (ISY)
  • Interactive, Musculoskeletal Model for Animating Virtual Faces
    Marco Fratarcangeli (Sapienza University of Rome)
  • Real-time Video-Based Character Animation
    Martin de La Gorce, Salil Deena, Tomos Williams, Mike Rogers, Kevin Walker (Image Metrics, Manchester, UK)
  • Using multimodal speech production data to evaluate articulatory animation for audiovisual speech synthesis
    Ingmar Steiner (University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin), Korin Richmond (University of Edinburgh), Slim Ouni (Université de Lorraine, LORIA)
  • Vocal and Facial Trustworthiness of Talking Heads
    Andrew J. Aubrey (Cardiff University), Elena Tsankova, Eva G. Krumhuber, Guido Moellering, Arvid Kappas (Jacobs University Bremen), Antony S.R. Manstead, David Marshall, Paul L. Rosin (Cardiff University)
  • High-fidelity facial performance capture with non-sequential temporal alignment
    Martin Klaudiny, Adrian Hilton (University of Surrey)
  • HapFACS 1.0: Software/API For Generating FACS-Based Facial Expressions
    Reza Amini, Ugan Yasavur, Christine Lisetti (Florida International University)


  • A simulation for the creation of soft-looking facial expressions
    Helmut Hlavacs, Leon Beutl (University of Vienna)
  • Realistic eye model for Embodied Conversational Agents
    Guillaume Gibert (Inserm), Catherine J. Stevens (University of Western Sydney)
  • Seeing Through the Face - A Morphological Approach in Physical Anthropology
    Tobias Paul, Fred Bookstein, Gerhard Weber (University of Vienna)
  • Effects of Humanness of Virtual Agents on Impression Formation
    Eva Krumhuber, Arvid Kappas (Jacobs University Bremen), Marc Hall, John Hodgson (University of Sunderland)
  • Talking heads on mobile devices
    Fabio Sorrentino, Riccardo Scateni (University of Cagliari)
  • Perception of Animacy in Caucasian and Indian Faces
    Aleksandra Swiderska, Eva Krumhuber, Arvid Kappas (Jacobs University Bremen)
  • The Dynamic Nature of Emotional Expressions – Different dynamics are rated differently
    Alexandra Muehlhauser, Karl Grammer, Elisabeth Oberzaucher (University of Vienna)
  • ViSAC: Acoustic-Visual Speech Synthesis: The system and its evaluation
    Utpala Musti, Caroline Lavecchia, Vincent Colotte, Slim Ouni∗, Brigite Wrobel-Dautcourt, Marie-Odile Berger (Université de Lorraine, LORIA)
  • Developing design guidelines for characters from analyzing empirical studies on the uncanny valley
    Eduard Zell, Mario Botsch (Bielefeld University)
  • Towards interactive conversational talking heads
    Paula D. Paro Costa (University of Campinas), José Mario De Martino (Center of Information Technology Renato Archer), Maria de Fátima de Gouveia (University of Campinas)
  • Estimation of FAPs and intensities of AUs based on real-time face tracking
    Bingqing Qu, Sathish Pammi, Radoslaw Niewiadomski, Gérard Chollet (Télécom ParisTech)

Live Industry Demos

  • Image Metrics: Computer-vision technology for performance-driven facial animation
  • Dimensional Imaging: High-resolution 4D facial capture system